Changing the AES IP address on a Taske server

Check out this article to see how to change the AES server IP address on your Taske Server
Taske uses a text file to define its connection to an Avaya AES server. If the AES server is changing we need to update the tslib.ini file on your AES to become aware of the new AES server. Also please note that you need to have the same CTI username and CTI password on the AES setup for Taske. This article doesn't cover changing the AES username and password for Taske.

Updating the file
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\AE Services\TSAPI Client\tslib.ini open this file in a text editor.
In the file change the IP address you see to the new IP address you want updated. There will be an =450 to the right of the IP address. Example shown below.


In our example, we have as our new AES IP address

Restart Taske Service

When we are finished updating our file we need to stop and start the Taske Information collector service. While logged into the Taske server with the Taske service account we can click on the Taske icon on the desktop.


The Taske Console on the right will show you the "Taske Information Server". Click on that service and then use the buttons at the top to stop and start the service.

On the window on the left, you will see some activity of Taske trying to connect to the AES and a green light if everything is working correctly.
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