How to change NTP on System Manager
This article will show you how to update the NTP server entries in Avaya System Manager running on VMware

This article assumes that you have SSH access to your Avaya System Manager. Many times root access is not available to Avaya System Manager so we have to use scripts provided by Avaya to edit simple system settings in Linux. To accomplish editing the ntp server we need to run a script called

Please note that the information provided here is meant to be helpful to users of Avaya, intlx Solutions assumes no responsibility for how the information provided in this article is used.

From Linux run the command sudo /opt/Avaya/vsp/VMWrapper/ and follow the menu prompts from the command and enter your new NTP server IP address.

Intlxlabuser >sudo /opt/Avaya/vsp/VMWrapper/

Please provide NTP Server IP/FQDN [Multiple IP/FQDN separated by ,] :

Validating NTP Server IP/FQDN:

>> Validating ...

DNS-Resolvable : Pass

Pingable : Pass

NTP Server Details:

Old Value:

New Value:

[ NTP entries will be overridden ]

Do you want to continue with NTP configuration? [y/n] :y

Configuring NTPD Client ..

Updating NTP Server Details: Pass

Re-Starting NTPD service:

Redirecting to /bin/systemctl stop ntpd.service

Date: Wed Jul 22 10:25:33 EDT 2020

Updating SMGR VM time

22 Jul 10:25:41 ntpdate[10304]: no server suitable for synchronization found

Date: Wed Jul 22 10:25:41 EDT 2020

Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start ntpd.service

NTP Configuration : Success

Verify Settings

We can verify the status of the command with the ntpq -p command.

Intlxlabuser >ntpq -p
remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter
============================================================================== .INIT. 16 u - 64 0 0.000 0.000 0.000
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