Quantech drives fail to map to File Explorer

After logging into the VPN and you are unable to see your mapped drives check out this article
If you have logged into the Quantech VPN and your File Explorer does not list your file shares. Many users have a file called drivemaps on your desktop. You can double click on that file to map your drives. If you do not have the file drivemaps on your desktop you can use the following procedure to map them.

1) Go to your windows icon and type cmd in the search bar and hit enter.


2) this will open a command prompt window.

3) type gpupdate /force and hit enter.


4) After a minute or two you should see the policy update finish


5) Check File Explorer to make sure you have your drives mapped.


Open a support ticket and IT support will add the drivemap file to your desktop and show you how to use it.
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