How to fix a Missing Google drive
This article will guide you through resolving the issue of the missing google drive icon
The issue
When you open file Explorer and do not see your Google drive (G:) as shown in the screen shot below.


If you experience this issue then the Application may need to be started.

Restarting the application
Click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen. Locate the "Drive File Stream: and click on that icon.


If the file stream is already running you will be brought to file explorer and you will see the g:\ Drive in file explorer.

If Drive File Stream it not running
If it is not then you will need to click on the little upward arrow near the clock.


The Drive Stream icon is shown here it is white with a grey triangle.


Left-click on the icon and click on it to sign in if it shows off line. (greyed out)

You will be asked to log into Google with your Quantech email address and google password.


You should now see your google drive in File Explorer.

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