How to obtain SNMP information
If you're looking for how to find SNMP MIB files for Avaya Aura products check out this article
Avaya Aura Release 7.x - MIB files
Communication Manager
There are copies of the AVAYA-AURA-CM-MIB and the AVAYA-AURA-CMALARM-MIB files are loaded on the CM Server.

The mib files are also located in the directory /usr/share/snmp/mibs or they can be viewed or downloaded from the SNMP Access and SNMP FP Traps SMI Pages.



Avaya Aura Enablement Services
The MIB file for AES 7.1 can be downloaded from the link below:

There are MIB's made available for every AES GA major release.

Note: MIB's are installed on the 3rd party application side and not on the AES system itself - This allows the SNMP client to interpret what AES is sending over.

Utility Server

There is no MIB for Utility Services, since it does not have any alarms.
However, it does act as an alarm proxy for AVP server.

Session Manager

Session Manager MIB File can be found on SMGR. You can download from the System Manager Web interface under Home / Elements / Session Manager / System Tools / SNMP MIB or in linux CLI : /opt/Avaya/Session_Manager/spirit/



Look on page 89 valid for further releases such as 7.1 etc.





Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM)
AAM does SNMP-based alarming but not through AAM provided application code. This alarming is provided by the Communication Manager (CM) platform that AAM rides on top of.

CES Server
One-X CES MIB file can be found on server itself : ( located under /usr/share/snmp/mibs folder)

System Manager
Attached white paper for release 7.1 and 7.0.1 contains the MIB files

Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM)
View page 293 for snmp traps

Avaya Call Recording ACR

You can find the MIB files for the recorder-specific variables on the installation disk.
### Avaya Aura Experience Portal AEP
The MIB files of each version of the Voice Portal can be found at the following location on the VPMS/EPMThey can also be found in the installation DVD under the Support/SNMP-MIB folder.For Experience Portal version 6.x ,7.x /opt/Avaya/ExperiencePortal/Support/SNMP-MIBs/AV-VOICE-PORTAL-MIB.txtCORE-SERVICES-MIB.txtAV-VOICE-PORTAL-V1-MIB.txt Info about each MIB file:AV-VOICE-PORTAL-MIB.txt - This is the SMI V2 version of the EP/VP MIB - This is the one that should be used generally.CORE-SERVICES-MIB.txt - This is a template for the Core Services MIB file which is not used by EP/VP.AV-VOICE-PORTAL-V1-MIB.txt - This is the SMI V1 version of the EP/VP MIB - it has all the same definitions as the SMI V2 version.But has less human readable information. Some SNMP network management SW packages cannot import the SMI V2 version and therefore this one should then be used.




Presence Server
MIBs can be downloaded from SMGR once the PS SVAR is deployed. Navigate to Home / Elements / Engagement Development Platform / System Tools / SNMP MIB and download the file
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