Logging into VPN fails
Follow this article to try and resolve why FortiGate VPN login fails
When logging into the Fortigate VPN for Quantech services you may see the error message "Your user name or password may not be configured properly". This is caused by either the user's Active Directory account is locked out or because the user has entered the wrong password more than five times.

If you have locked out your account
Your account will lockout for twenty minutes if you keep entering the wrong password. Sometimes this happens if the caps lock is on other times we enter our Gmail password instead of our windows password. If it is because the wrong password was entered then wait 20 minutes and try again with the correct password.
Most users at Quantech need to change their password every 90 days. If you haven’t changed the password you may not be able to log into the VPN. Your account may need to be unlocked and that needs to be done by an Administrator. If you cannot log into the VPN and you are sure you’ve entered the correct password then open a case with intlx Solutions to have your password unlocked as shown here.


How to connect to the VPN
To access the VPN click on the upward-pointing arrow near the clock and wireless icons at the bottom left of the screen.


Click on the shield and then Open FortiClient Console.

Select Remote Access and enter your user name and Windows password.


You will see the following screen


This means that you are now connected to the VPN.

Your Quantech drives should now show in your windows file explorer
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