PLAT-ALM occurs overnight
when a scheduled CM backup fails to runovernight

Sometimes a PLAT-ALM error occurs when a scheduled backup fails overnight.


Notice the one that failed at 4 am. This can be viewed under Data backup/restore in the CM web GUI:



Sometimes a backup fails because it cannot reach the intended server that is receiving the backup, perhaps due to a brief network outage at that time. This is under Backup History, Check status of the last backup image:


We can also check the backup history on any CM or AAM server with the backup -t command

dadmin@sigavayacm1> backup -t | less
Status: Date: Time: Type: Size: Backup Destination:
------ ---- ----- ----- ----- -------------------
SUCCESS 2020/08/07 07:12:18 xln 1081933 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/07 07:10:22 security 540221392 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/07 07:10:02 os 14771 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/06 07:12:17 xln 1082999 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/06 07:10:22 security 540221288 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/06 07:10:02 os 14772 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/05 07:12:15 xln 1084500 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/05 07:10:20 security 540221291 sftp to
SUCCESS 2020/08/05 07:10:01 os 14769 sftp to


If the network outage is momentary, you can re-run the scheduled backup immediately and check to make sure it was successful.

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