How to reset your Sangoma Voicemail Pin
This article will show you how to reset your voicemail password using your web browser
Forgot your voicemail password to check your messages from your phone? No worries just follow along with this article to reset your voicemail pin.

Getting logged in
Using your web browser navigate to and log in using your extension number and password. This will be the same password that you use to get logged into your softphone application.

Once logged in
Once you are logged into the web interface click on Features-> My Account


The following screen will come as shown in the video below. In this video, you will want to update the numeric PIN and click the "Save Account Information" button at the bottom of the page.


You're good to go!
Now that you have updated your password go ahead and try to use your telephone to retrieve your voicemail messages. When asked for a password you will input the numeric PIN you selected when updating your profile.
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