Investigating UDS1-BD and MG-DS1 alarms from Communication Manager
This article will show you how to review UDS1-BD board alarms and MG-DS1 received from Communication Manager.

The UDS1-BD maintenance object will send alarms when T1 circuits on Avaya Aura Communication Manager are experiencing errors. These errors may or may not be service impacting.

When running the test commands against the DS1 board location pay attention for any of the tests between 138 and 146.



When running the list measurements ds1 log (board) command you may see some non zero values which indicate that the circuit is receiving errors from the carrier. Depending on the severity of the errors the circuit may not actually go out of service but we will receive alarms.

When running list measurements ds1 log (board) we want to see all columns showing a 0. The presence of any character other than zero means that we are receiving an error from the carrier
When running test board we want to see that tests 138 through 146 pass. Any failure or abort codes need to be reviewed
When running status signaling group we want to see "in-service" any other status means there is still an issue with the signaling group
When running list configuration ds1 the firmware and code of the board should be returned. If "no-board" or "conflict" is shown there may be an issue with the card itself

intlx Solutions Support Customers

Any customers of intlx Solutions can follow this article to see how they can retrieve historical reports of the DS1 board performance using intlx Solutions Visualize Monitoring.
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